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Luxury Faux Flowers
  • Lindsey x

How to wrap flowers, easily and sustainably

I have been playing around with various materials lately to try to find the best solution to avoiding plastic wrapping. Don't you just hate throwing all that wrap away... those poor fish!!! It really does make me cringe. I have tried paper and tissue, but they dry out the flowers and crease too easily, plus you need to stick it with cellotape which is still plastic.

Have you tried using hessian?

I have been wrapping my dried flowers in hessian for some time, but only recently thought about using it for my fresh and faux flowers. You can buy hessian in all different colours now. Plus you can also use hessian ribbon to hold the wrap, therefore omitting the need for cellotape. The perfect solution to wasting all that unnesserssary plastic! The most easy and sustainable way to wrap your flowers!!!

How can I create this style of wrap...

All you will need to create my wrap below is:

75cm x 50cm from a hessian roll

100cm hessian ribbon, colour of your choice buy do try to match the colours of your flowers

Fold the hessian in half and watch my video!

If you have any questions, or would like to talk anything floral please give me a message at I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Lindsey x


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