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How to care for your artificial flowers and plants

Make them look like the real deal with my top tips

House plants and flowers are certainly a great way to bring life and colour into your home, but if you are anything like me they generally don't seem to last very long. I have probably killed hundreds of house plants in my life and fresh flowers will always win my heart, just don't last very long!

I have some great alternatives that are beautiful and realistic, but how do we keep them looking like the real deal? Read on to find out how...

Cleaning Silk Flowers

Faux, artificial flowers are now made with a mixture of materials, not just silk. Treat them like you would any soft furnishings in your home. They will need to be dusted on a regular basis, like you would dust your home. Take extra care on the lighter coloured stems and especially your white stems, as they will mark much more easily.

If you do notice any stains, these can usually be removed with a baby wipe or an antibacterial wipe. There are now several silk flower sprays on the market you can buy but I normally just use any kitchen cleaner or just a wipe!

My Top Tip...

I like to give my flowers a blast from my hairdryer to remove any dust and then I wipe with a wipe or a dry microfibre cloth. Make sure it's on the cool setting and keep the flowers quite a distance from the hair dryer. It works a treat!

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