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Luxury Faux Flowers
  • Lindsey x

7 Reasons Faux Flowers are a Good Investment...

They look and feel just like the real thing!

Faux or artificial flowers have definitely lost their old fashioned stigma. You can find faux flowers, trees, flower walls, house plants, tropical plants, herbs, planters, hanging baskets literally everywhere in stylish restaurants, bars, clubs, department stores, hair and beauty salons and now in our homes. So what has changed?

The reason is quite simple. They look and feel just like the real thing! How they are designed, created and manufactured has changed dramatically over the last few years. The attention to detail is quite remarkable. Petals are delicate and flexible. The stems and foliages have as much detail as the flower heads. They also blend well with other faux flowers which creates the illusion of just picked from the garden.

They are great if you suffer from allergies

Pollen is one of the most common triggers of seasonal allergies. Apparently more and more of us each year suffer with some variation of hay-fever, pollen fever, tree blossom, flower blossom. By having faux flowers in your home you overcome this problem if you are a sufferer! Say goodbye to sneezing every time you walk into a room with fresh flowers.

You can have seasonal flowers all year round

We all love our summer blooms, think roses, hydrangeas, peonies and dahlias? Sadly these beautiful flowers are only available for a short period in the summer months. Faux flowers are available all year round so you can enjoy the beauty of your favourite blooms every month of the year!

Pet Friendly

Certain flowers and plants can be highly poisonous to cats and dogs, especially lilies! You can be completely confident that faux flowers are not at all dangerous to cats and dogs.

They are always in bloom and looking their best

Faux flowers, will always be in bloom and looking their very best. They will never wilt or droop and will look realistic and lovely for years to come. They are extremely long-lasting so you can enjoy them without any added stresses.

You can bring out your creative side...

One of the many benefits of using faux flowers and foliages is you can change them anytime you want, without any waste. You can mix your stems, change them with the seasons or just get creative with them. The options are endless as they are yours for you to do with what you will!

They are low maintenance

To ensure your faux flowers are at their very best, you simply need to lightly blow dry them with a hairdryer on a cool setting once in a while to remove any dust. A wipe with a clean cloth or biodegradable wipe also does the job. They can also be placed in whichever room you choose and there’s no need to worry if the room is too warm or too cold.


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