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  • Lindsey x

How to create a beautiful table scape with faux flowers

There aren't really any set rules for tablescaping, but I always say more is more!

SUMMER is the perfect time to be creative with tables. Your guests arriving at a well prepared and welcoming table are instantly in the mood for good conversation and delicious food. So it's definitely worth your while spending some time preparing your table.

You really don't have to spend a small fortune doing so either! We have used a few faux flowers, garden string and some plain white napkins to create this beautiful setting...

A table without any flowers will look and feel flat and uninviting. Try to add colour to your table, experiment with different textures as well as colours. The beautiful thing about using faux flowers is you can use them over and over, they will not wilt or fade!

Watch our little tutorial how to get those all important napkins to look a little bit different to wow your guests...

Remember it's your table and there are no rules for tablescaping, so it's the perfect time to release your inner creative self!!

We have loads more tips and tricks to create beautiful table settings all year round! Watch out for our next blog post!



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